I just wanted to tell you about this one amazingly good book that I have read in the school year and that I never wanted to put down. The book here that I am mentioning is Skeleton Key, one of those Alex Rider books which are the best. It is a realistic fiction book by Anthony Horowitz, and I am going to give you a summary here but not spoil the ending for you to actually READ. So Alex Rider here again is on another mission but he yet doesn’t know what really is going to happen. See, Alex Rider is a spy for a secret Britain Intelligence Agency and they told him that they wanted him to do a little favor while on “vacation”. They sent him of with the CIA in America to pretend like they’re his parents because they all are going to Skeleton Key, an island seldom liking America. They eventually make it to the island safe. The “family” stays at a hotel while Alex finds out the mission is actually about stopping this one man named Sarov who wants to basically destroy the world because he wants to have power and rule Russia.  Then after the thought it was a good time to sneak out and go to his base located on a immencily guarded island where he has his headquarders.  They told Alex Rider to stay on the boat at all times when they go scuba diving into a secret underwater passage.  But it then takes awhile and he goes down only to find out that it was booby trapped and his “family” died.  He goes back to the ship only to get captured by Sarov. Read to find out more about his pleasant times at Sarov’s base.

The main character in this book is Alex Rider as you might have guessed, and I want to describe him to you.  Maybe a few words to describe him as brave, courageous, and daring. I would describe him with being brave because he went down to scuba dive andcheck out all of what was happening even when the CIA agents told him not to.  I’d describe him as courageous because earlier in the book which I didn’t mention here he saved a CIA agent from being captured on a smuggling boat.  For daring I think it is the same thing I mentioned for being courageous, saving the CIA agent.  If I knew Alex Rider I believe that it would be very interesting and I would very much indeed be friends with him.  He really does seem like a good person and a good citizen toward his country.  That is, if he was real.

I really do recommend this book because it uses all sorts of good literature and is very action packed.  I think that Anthony Horowitz did a immensely good job and I bet you’ll to if you actually READ it.  I loved this book because it was very suspenseful and it at the end of every chapter left you hanging and you’d not be able to put it down and start playing Halo 5.  If you really want to get a chunk of what it is like in being suspenceful or action packed, here you go: “Tomorrow, when the crocodiles had finished their meal, he would send his fieldworkers in to recover the banknotes.  Not that that money was important.  He was the owner of a kilogram of weapons-grade uranium.  As Carlo had said, he now had the power to destroy a whole city. But Sarov had no intention of destroying a city.  His target was the entire world.”  Now are you convinced to read the book?

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Hello again, and welcome to my blog.  I had one question for you that you might be wondering too, and that is why do people seem to argue so much?  Is the reason that that’s our way of communicating our ideas and opinions and saying why we are the ones who are right?   Or is it just a bad habit that no single person ever thinks of to break, if you know what I mean.   Imagine this, if the world that you live in right now every single person could come up with a compromise for every conflict that comes up.  Wouldn’t that be just so nice like paradise?  But no, that’s not how life is sadly, though one goal at lest for me is to try to make my surroundings as close to my paradise as possible.  Don’t you think?

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Hey, what’s up?  And me you ask?  Nothing much.  I was just wondering, why do we have trends and then they all go away in a blink of an eye?  I mean, like here where I live in San Diego a big trend was silly bands two years ago.  Boy, back then if you didn’t know what silly bands are people would be questioning you and ask what is your problem.  Everybody at school was trading them and then boom.  The next thing you know people would be saying, “Silly bands I’m just not into,” or “Those bracelet Silly Bands stuff are so last year.”  I almost feel like once you buy something because you realize that it is popular, then the second you buy them their not.  Like my awesome CTR 360 cleats for soccer were awesomely popular and all of the stars like A. Iniesta had them and a week later the next popular thing was the Predator Adidas cleats.  Trends sometimes just don’t go your way.

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So, you all know that it is Halloween, and I don’t really have a spooky story for you, but a not a really pleasant story for me.  So after school today after being dressed up at school as Santa, I had to go to the dentist’s office to check on this area in my mouth that was swelled up because of a tooth coming in.  You could actually if you rubbed your finger on it feel air like a bubble.  So on my way in I went thinking that everything was just fine, and it was only going to be another stupid checkup.  The doctor, dentist, or whatever you want to call it took a look and said that it was an infection.  Great.  But that my friend isn’t all.  She said I had to get it pulled.  Are you people kidding me?!  So yes on Halloween I had to get my tooth pulled and also I can’t eat any candy because it’s numb and I had to stick a tissue in my mouth for 45 min straight.  But in the end it really didn’t turn out so bad after all.  My mom allowed me to play 30 min. of Wii.  I think I’ll survive.

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So, have you at all read any of the Hobbit?  I know that the movie is coming out too, if that makes it sound familiar.  Well, I’m at the part where Bilbo had hit his head and got lost in the cave where he, Gandalf, and the other hobbits were staying.  Gollum suddenly saw him and was frightened when he saw the sword Bilbo was holding. So they both made a deal that Bilbo wouldn’t get eaten if he gets the riddles that they gave each other all right.  But if he did even get one wrong, Gollum would eat him.  Well, I was wondering if you could get even a tad bit close to the answers of any of these riddles.  How many shall I give you, two?  Here are two of them:

What has roots as nobody sees,

Is taller than trees,

Up, up it goes,

And yet never grows?  And here is the second one (this is not part of the riddle FYI),

Thirty white horses on a red hill,

First they champ,

Then the stamp,

Then they stay still.  Any guesses?  I’ll tell you what, I’ll reveal the answer tommorow and post what you’re guessing.  Now do you think that they are hard?

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So Halloween is coming up and I want to get a lot of candy.   About more than 100 pieces is my goal.  So, do any of you have any tips to get more?  I’m going over to a friend’s house where there is people’s houses to trick or treat at.  There are about 100 houses to go to and see if you want to know.  Should I go ask the family if I can stay and go trick or treating  longer?  Though I don’t want to be rude at all, if you know what I mean.  Or should I sneak like three pieces?  No, no, no. That would basically be stealing.  How about I ask if we can go quickly to all the houses and get in at least a hundred or two hundred?  No, that would also be a tiny bit rude like asking if we could stay longer, wouldn’t it?  Maybe I should lay off and get what I get.  That sounds like my best choice, don’t you think?  No, you think I should go with the stealing part.  Ha ha, very funny.

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